It’s so early…and yet, I look so cute.

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Lena Dunham Is Producing a Documentary About an LGBTQ-Friendly Brooklyn Tailor | Vulture

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Friends or Will & Grace?


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You need to start Nurse Jackie

idk. The only thing that ever interested me about that show was Meritt Wever’s Emmy speech.

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You need to start Sons of Anarchy!

I feel like everywhere I go, someone is talking about that show, but I have zero zero interest.

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Who are five female characters who you consider great role models? Have these characters taught you anything?
  1. Hermione Granger. As a 6-year-old with frizzy hair and large front teeth, she taught me that the fact that I always raised my hand first in class was totally okay.
  2. Roseanne is a super important character/tv show in pop culture history. I now realize that watching that show as I was growing up gave me a real feminist education.
  3. Buffy Summers. I can’t even begin to list all of the things that I learned from that show/character. That show shaped so much of who I was from puberty on.
  4. The Gilmore Girls. Both of them.
  5. Claire Huxtable. Again, another super important character for me to watch while I was growing up.
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What do you think of Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

We don’t have enough time to talk about what I really think of Buffy,

Buffy is probably my all-time favorite TV show. I have every season on DVD and the cases are literally all falling apart because I would watch multiple episodes a day when I was like 12-17 years old. 

It is certainly the most important television show to me personally. 

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Have you ever watched Veronica Mars?

I started watching Veronica Mars 10 years ago today.

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Can you reccomend some TV shows?
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you guys can keep the tv questions coming

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