This #ModernFamily ad is highlighting something and I don’t think it’s the relatable family humor that the show is so famous for.

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I really hate it when shows that I’m not completely in love with win awards year after year because no matter how good the show may be or how much it deserves those awards, I will get sick of it and grow to resent it.


My bad boy prom date is gay, he just doesn’t know it yet..so I’m basically his beard. Pre beard. Stubble.

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Could all those people who GIF stuff quick as fuck get on tonight’s Modern Family? 

I need a photoset of Alex’s date taking a picture “with flash” because I literally screamed at my TV at that part.

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Gay on TV: It’s All in the Family

On “Glee” this spring, a transgender character named Unique is competing in a sing-off. On “Grey’s Anatomy,” Arizona and Callie are adjusting to married life, having been pronounced “wife and wife” last year.

On “Modern Family,” the nation’s most popular television show, Cameron and his partner Mitchell are trying to adopt a second child.

What’s missing? The outrage.

If anyone thinks that Glee should have won over Modern Family, this speech alone should change your mind.